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    December 28, 2005 by Admin User
  • Webalizer Removal
    Please note that we will soon be removing Webalizer from our hosting plans.

    Webalizer is not only no longer being developed or supported by its developer and it is also highly inaccurate compared to the superior AWstats.

    Additionally Webalizer causes server load issues during updates.

    If you wish to continue using Webalizer you can download it and install it under your own account, however please note, we will not be providing support for it since it will be considered a 3rd party script. (

    AWstats is still available and Urchin will be available as an add-on in the future or you can use the free version of Urchin from

    The scheduled date of Webalizer removal is January 8, 2006.

    Ruby on Rails
    Due to the increasing popularity with RoR we will be looking to deploy it soon to all servers. Currently we are in the research and testing phase and once we are finished testing this in our development environment we'll have it deployed onto our live production servers.

    Have a Happy New Year!

    Best Regards

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